Thursday, 23 August 2012

Top 5 Best Global Cuisines

There are so many tasty and unique cuisines that are much loved around the world. We decided to take a look at the top five and tell you why we think they are so amazing.

Let’s get straight into the breakdown of the cuisines we find the most inspirational.


The great thing about Chinese food is that there really isn’t any such definition. Chinese is just the general term everybody else uses because it is easier than working out what foods are Mandarin, Cantonese, Sichuan, and every other variety of great tasting food and recipes that come from the various regions of China.

For you and I, most of the them are labelled as “Chicken Sichuan,” for example, when we go to the Chinese restaurant or the supermarket, so we can get a slight idea.


Many people believe French cuisine to be the most exquisite and exclusive in the Westernised world. The irony being that, due to the elaborate and expensive ingredients and the manner in which they are cooked, less than one per cent of the French population actually eats their national cuisine in the traditional manner.

The uneducated would merely point to French cuisine and say “snails” or “frogs’ legs,” however that does a tremendous disservice to the amazing styles of food and flavours that come out of French cooking.


If you have ever visited different regions of Italy then you will understand the real charm of Italian recipes and cuisine. Yes, we all know about the traditional pasta and pizza dishes long associated with the country.

The true beauty and magnificence of Italian cooking, however, is the joyous independence with which you can experiment and make recipes your own. Travel to three villages in close proximity in Italy, and you will likely find restaurants offering the same dish in entirely different styles. Why not try experimenting with Italian cuisine yourself?


Similar to Chinese food in that it generally gets shoe-horned together as one cuisine, the names of various dishes – and often how hot and spicy they are – comes from the region of the country in which they were founded. Southern cuisines are more reliant on hotter spices and chilli, while the north tends to favour less severe blends of several seasoning ingredients.


Whether it is seafood dishes, paellas or the globally loved tapas style food, Spanish cuisine seems to have a place in everyone’s heart. One of the big positives of Spanish cooking is that it focusses a lot on simple ideas, capitalising on the natural great tastes of ingredients whether it be meat, vegetable, or fish.

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