Sunday, 18 December 2011

Very hot easy chilli sauce

Thanks to the South Devon Chilli Farm for this recipe! I went there whilst on holiday in Devon over the summer and bought some of their chilli mash, which was a nice little sauce to add to just about anything for a bit of extra heat. Just a little bit is all that's needed. I also bought a few chilli plants from there which I have just finished harvesting from and really wanted to make some of the chilli mash for the store cupboard, so I emailed them for the recipe and they kindly shared it. It is so simple to make.

Needless to say, this is very hot! You'll need to be really careful handling it, best to wear some gloves and don't rub your eyes. And don't breathe in the fumes!


  • Chillies
  • Salt - 2% by weight
  • Cider vinegar

Remove the stalks from the chillies.

Place in a food processor with the salt.

Add a little bit of vinegar to loosen things up.

Blitz in the food processor until really smooth, just adding vinegar to get the desired consistency.

Place in a sauce pan with a lid on and bring to the boil to sterilize. Cool slightly then transfer to a sterilized jar.

Serve with anything for a bit of extra spice, or use in cooking. 

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Manidipa Bhaumik said...

It looks very easy to prepare sauce at home.

Manidipa Bhaumik

1001-Romans said...

What a recipe!