Sunday, 20 November 2011

Back to it!

Once upon a time I did used to write on this blog and (I hope) a few people used to read it too. For any of those who did read it and who are wondering what has happened, well the cake picture below is a bit of a clue (although that only explains the last year and not the one before's absence).

So, the main reason is down to a lack of time. I got a new job, had to commute a lot further and ran out of time for cooking and writing about it. I was still cooking, but not writing! Then our beautiful daughter arrived a year ago and there most certainly wasn't any free time (that's not a complaint at all, just a happy fact). 

Now, a year on, our little one has turned one. My wife's maternity leave has sadly ended and she is going back to work tomorrow. I am very fortunate though in that I am going to be working just two days a week (at home thanks boss) and spending the rest of the time as a "stay at home dad"/house husband! So although I do feel very sad and slightly guilty that my wife has to go back to work, we have both agreed that for financial, practical and emotional reasons, it's the best thing. We ruled nursery out early on as we both think that if you have children, it's not right (in our view) to give them to someone else to bring up. That and we would also never see our daughter!

Enough history and family information - how about some food? Here is the fabulous cake my wife prepared for the first birthday party! Camilla's room is themed around The Very Hungry Caterpillar and so it was only right that the cake followed the same theme. With some help from a recent training course done at (amazing prices and clearly the courses deliver) and a lot of creativity and flair, this lovely cake was the result:

I am not quite sure how the cake was made, apart from that there was lots of fondant icing, gum balls round the edge and a sponge cake in the middle. It was delicious though and went very quickly.

The blog will be updated a bit more frequently now that I'm going to be spending lots of time at home. There will almost certainly be some baby food, purees and such like, but also some of the things that I've been trying out in the kitchen too. I hope that you will continue reading!

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