Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Best of 2008 - The first year of Ryan's Recipe Blog

I started this blog a year ago today with this post, intending to write about recipes that I have made. A year on, and the blog has gone well so far. Although my posting frequency has gone down, it has grown to include more or less anything about food - from restaurants to food festivals, gardening and kitchen gadgets. Surprisingly enough (to me anyway), people have actually read it, some have even commented that they liked the food!

Inspired by some posts on blogs in my feed reader - namely Drew over at How to Cook Like Your Grandmother and Ruth from Ruth's Kitchen Experiments - I thought that now would be a good time to point out some of the more popular pages on my blog.

So, here is a top 20 of the most read pages from 2008:

20 - Martin Heap of Smithfield market's Simply Sausages demonstrating Sausage making at the Taste of London Festival in June.
19 - "Vegetarian" shepherds pie made with some fungal protein (Quorn, that is).
18 - Prawn and mushroom bhuna.
17 - Pear, stilton and walnut salad
16 - A deliciously light and healthy lemon drizzle cake.
15 - Stilton, leek and bacon pasta.
14 - Broccoli and blue cheese pasta.
13 - American pancakes - my first (and so far only) entry to the Bookmarked Recipes blog event.
12 - Kitchen gadget fun with the Magimix 4200.
11 - Controversial use of fruit in a savoury dish with coconut, pineapple and chicken curry.
10 - A recipe from my friend R for spicy chicken drumsticks. Actually, he said to use wings but I couldn't get any that day.
9 - All kinds of spellings turn up in the search results for Jamaican tilapia.
8 - Everyone likes a quick and easy chicken chaat.
7 - The rather exotically titled Roast chicken in a bag.
6 - An easy-to-make roasted pepper, tomato and aubergine pasta sauce.
5 - Keeping it simple at number five is the ever-popular tuna mayonnaise sandwich.
4 - Traditional Pakistani style minced beef and potato cury.
3 - Spicy meatballs in tomato sauce.
2 - Carrot and coriander soup.
1 - The winner and the most viewed recipe of 2008 was spicy tuna fishcakes!

Hopefully you will keep reading in 2009 and beyond, and I will keep cooking, eating and writing about it!

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Ruth E said...

Congrats on a great year! You have some excellent recipes in that top 20 - I'm looking forward to seeing what ends up on the top 20 for the next year.