Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Original Suffolk Country Tea-Pot

I have a habit of browsing the many charity shops in the vicinity of my work during my lunch breaks. I don't often buy anything, but this caught my eye today. In case you can't read it clearly this is what it says:

The Original Suffolk Country Tea-Pot
Ideal for use at home or on Safari
Made by Henry Watson Pottery

It's not as antique as you might think from its appearance, as they are available at Amazon. But let's just think about what it says on there. "For use at home, or on safari". I remember when we were on safari in the baking oppressive heat of south Africa, nothing would have been more welcome than a piping hot brew. Yes indeedy, that would cooled us down a treat. Sadly, my mum had failed to check whether our regular teapot was suitable for safari. Needless to say it wasn’t and we were forced to rely on mere bottled water for our hydration. An Englishman should never have to stoop so low.

It is a real worry to me, what you would do for tea if you weren't either at home or on safari. I imagine that this pot simply stops working outside of its normal environs. I would recommend that you purchase a back-up teapot just in case!

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