Sunday, 25 January 2009

My rubbish oven

Just take a look at this hob and oven combo. It truly is dire. The hob is of the type that takes around 45 minutes to reach temperature, then immediately becomes too hot. This is ok for boiling water, but anything more complex such as simmer or reduce heat is way too advanced for this baby. As for the oven, that has a similar capacity for getting hot as the hob... I.e very slowly. It heats so unevenly that most things are either burnt on the top nr the bottom, but not cooked in the middle! Truly awful.

We have just got a replacement for both of these, and once I have got round to fitting them and testing them out I will write something about it.

What have you got in your kitchen that is completely useless? Have you got any exciting new gadgets, maybe for Christmas?

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1 comment:

Ruth E said...

That's exactly the same as my oven and I absolutely hate it - I so jealous of your new one!