Thursday, 29 January 2009

5 Benefits of Cast Iron Cooking

When you come across an amazing meal, your first reaction is to ask for the recipe. While ingredients and detailed cooking instructions are necessary to emulate the delicious plate in front of you, you’d be surprised how much the type of cookware used can affect the overall taste. Cast iron cookware can either be categorized as traditional or enamelled depending on whether the cookware surface has been “seasoned” or not.
    1. Easy to Clean: Enamelled cast iron cookware comes with a surface that is already coated with a porcelain enamel, preventing it from reacting with any foods that you choose to brown, sauté, or bake. “Seasoning” eliminates the chance for flavours from last night’s dinner to mix with what you’re planning on serving tonight. It also gives you the peace of mind that your cookware is easy to clean and prepared for your next healthy meal.

    2. Retains Heat: Cast iron cookware is well known for retaining and distributing heat evenly to ensure a thorough cooking process. Not only will a balanced amount of heat help cook your meals thoroughly but it will cut down on overall cooking time, giving you a chance to start on another dish or perhaps entertain your dinner guests!

    3. Versatility & Durability: Between cookware sets, baking dishes, and every cooking tool in between, it’s easy to fill up on cabinet or pantry space quickly. One of the greatest benefits of having cast iron cookware is that it can be used on a stovetop surface and in the oven. In addition, cast iron becomes stronger as you use it while most other cookware set materials tend to experience normal wear and tear after the first few years of use.

    4. Healthy Cookware: When cooking with acidic ingredients, it’s common for iron traces from the pan or pot to release into your dish. This can be very beneficial as this essential mineral helps circulate oxygen throughout the blood stream and prevents common symptoms of an iron deficiency such as fatigue, headaches, and nausea.

    5. Nonstick Surface: Cut down on the amount of oil or butter in your next dish by cooking with a nonstick cast iron surface. This material makes life easier for any meal during the day. Whether you’re frying eggs for Saturday morning breakfast or baking a hearty casserole to warm your family up after a chilly day, there’s no need to worry about a horrible cleanup at the end of the meal.
When looking to expand on your kitchenware set or are interested in trying something new, cast iron cooking is a great option for a healthy meal any day of the week. Serve up your creations on your favourite dinnerware and enjoy!

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