Saturday, 20 December 2008

Birthday cake and a moan about my kitchen

Whilst I am waiting in the Post Office so send some Christmas bits - bloody queues - I thought I would take the opportunity to write up this blog post.

This picture is a birthday cake I prepared for my fiancee a week or two ago. She is of the school of thought that the amount of food colouring and icing is directly proportional to the tastiness and symbolism of the cake. Hence the Mr Men candles, sprinkles and so on! Not to my taste, but she liked it!

What you can't see in this picture is the first iteration of the cake which ended its life in the bin and closely resembled a large flat burnt biscuit! I stand by the fact that the tools are to blame, and not the chef. We have possibly the worst oven in the world, its main design feature as far as I can tell being the ability to cook as unevenly as possible! The thermostat seems particularly ineffective, and I think bears no similarities to the actual oven cooking temperature. I will get round to posting up some pictures of the offending oven, and the slightly worse hob at some point! I wonder what santa will bring me this year... Lets hope!!

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