Thursday, 11 September 2008

Rhubarb and Apple Crumble

Hello, I am a guest writer (Ryan's fiancée). Today I made rhubarb and apple crumble! Ryan doesn't really like making desserts so I usually have to make them.

To start with I chopped up 4 sticks of rhubarb (fresh from our garden) and placed them in the baking dish.
Next I peeled and chopped 2 apples (fresh from Ryan's parents garden - his Dad was hoping his apples would make an appearance on the internet!) and placed them in the bowl.
I sprinkled the fruit with a little bit of white sugar to sweeten it up and mixed everything together.
Next I made the crumble using 6oz of self raising flour (self raising flour makes the crumble a bit fluffier than plain flour) and 3oz of butter (at room temperature). I rubbed these together through my fingers (the traditional way - not using Ryan's food processor!) until the mixture resembled breadcrumbs. Then I added 3oz of white sugar and again rubbed the mixture through my fingers until it was all mixed and there were no large lumps.
Then I put the crumble on top of the fruit and pressed it down. Sprinkling it with a small amount of brown sugar to make it a little crunchy (that is how Ryan likes it).

I put it in the oven at 180degrees C for about 45 mins (until the fruit just beings to bubble up through the crumble, which should be golden brown and a bit crispy).

Serve with plenty of custard for an old school dinners style pudding.  Delicious!

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Kimi said...

great recipe, looks delish!

Foodycat said...

Gorgeous! Crumble really is the best dessert in the world. And you lucky thing to be cooking with home grown rhubarb and apples!

Ryan said...

Thanks Kimi and FOodycat! I was lucky to have this cooked for me.

ALso, welcome to the blog foodycat!!

Ruth E said...

Hi Ryan's fiancée!!!

Great crumble!

I love apple crumble, I love rhubarb crumble and I love it most when they're mixed together!!!

inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

I never had this before,but you make it look so appealing!!