Monday, 11 August 2008

Stilton, Leek and Bacon Pasta

This is what I knocked up for dinner this evening, a nice hearty, cheesy and rich pasta meal. We had leeks, bacon and stilton in the fridge left over from some other recipes from the weekend, and so this is what I decided to cook. Not too bad for a make-it-up as you go along kind of a meal! It was initially going to be a pasta bake, but in the end we were too hungry and decided to eat it straight away. If you do make it into a pasta bake, then just bake in a medium hot oven, maybe with some more cheese on the top, until it is nice and browned on the top.


  • 5 rashers bacon
  • 3 leeks (large)
  • Nob butter
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1.5 glasses milk
  • 500 g pasta
  • 150 g stilton
First of all, cook boil some salted water and cook the pasta according to the pack instructions. Now you can get on with making the sauce. Start by cutting the rind fat off the bacon - as shown below. You need to do this as with all the cheese it ends up being quite a rich meal.

Chop the bacon into little pieces (or use lardons if you have them). Melt the butter in a medium hot pan and then fry the bacon in the butter.

Whilst the bacon is frying, remove the outer leaves and ends from the leeks, then slice them and wash them.

Add the leeks to the pan along with the bacon. You will need a rather large pan. Now that is a lot of leeks! Don't worry, they will reduce once cooked. Mix well so that all the bacon and butter is evenly mixed in with the leeks. Saute/steam the leeks for about 5 minutes - I say steam because it is difficult to fry the ones at the top with so many in the pan.

Now the leeks have reduced in size quite a lot, reduce the heat to low and sprinkle the flour on the top. Mix it really well and cook on the heat for another minute. You are forming a roux here mixed in with the leeks, which is the base for a white sauce.

Add about a glass and a half of milk to the pan.

How big is a glass I hear you saying? Well, I am quite short on measuring implements in my kitchen so this is how big MY glass is! No you need to know the size of my hand.. well, not telling! But the glass is just a regular tumbler size, probably about half a pint, maybe a bit less.

Keep the sauce over a low heat, and stir frequently until it just begins to thicken and bubble.

Remove from the heat and mix the sauce in with the pasta. Now, crumble the Stilton into the pan whilst stirring. The heat pf the pasta and sauce should be enough to melt the cheese and form a nice sauce.

Serve immediately with some salad.

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The management said...

Got some Stilton left over from Christmas and we will be trying this recipe, tonight. It looks really good.
Thank you very much
If it works out we will put it on our web site