Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Festival food... A breakfast smoothie

Whilst at the Big Chill festival this weekend, some of the food we had was amazing. No rubbish burgers and hot dogs, it was all top quality food. You could get anything you wanted, well virtually.

One of my favourites was the pies from Pie Minister. A huge pie, with a choice of fillings including the ever popular Heidi Pie filled with goats cheese and sweet potato, the PM Pie stuffed with the classic steak and kidney, and my favourite is the Minty which is a lamb and mint pie. For some reason the Heidi Pie is hugely popular with the girls, although I think that girls love anything with goats cheese in. Not only do you get pie, but also a massive pile of mash, mushy peas, gravy, crispy shallots, cheese and gravy. Plenty of fuel for a weekend of partying.

In the picture above is a breakfast smoothie, which is berries, banana, yogurt, muslei and honey. This was a great start to the day!

Other food on the site included Mexican, Goan curry with Cornish fish, noodle bars, all kinds of vegan and vegetarian delights, wraps (I had a delicious one with Italian organic meat balls), pancakes, waffles... The list goes on! Festivals are Definitely a great foodie experience!

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