Monday, 4 August 2008

Courgette and Home Made Pesto Pasta (done in the Magimix 4200)

We have just got back from a weekend of festivaling at the Big Chill, we had an amazing time, with not enough sleep, plenty of booze, sun, music, comedy and partying. The highlight of the weekend for me was definitely seeing the Mighty Boosh, and also coming 5th out of 20 in the music quiz. I think we will definitely be going back next year. And the weather was good as well, despite the forecast being awful it was sunny almost the entire weekend, bar a few small showers, I hardly had to wear my wellies at all!

Anyway, today we got home and with no food in the house and feeling pretty tired, we couldn't decide what to have for dinner. Then I went out into the garden, and found plenty of basil, some courgettes (zuchini for those across the pond) and the first set of ripe tomatoes. Here is the results of my hunting and gathering...

So, I thought the best thing to make with this harvest is some pasta and pesto. So that is what I did! It was my first go at making pesto homemade, although I did make a salsa verde before (which is basically just pesto without the parmesan and pine nuts).

First of all, take a good handful of pine nuts and gently toast them in a hot, dry, non-stick frying pan. No oil needed here. The toasting brings out the flavour of the pine nuts, but you can also use them untoasted too.

They should be lightly browned, something like this...

Now, into the food processor (yes its that wretched Magimix again) with the basil (as much as can fit in the bowl comfortably), about 50 g of parmesan, the pine nuts, a sprinkle of salt and two cloves of garlic (peeled, obviously). Splash in a good amount of extra virgin olive oil.

This is the olive oil I have been using lately, which my fiancees parents bought back from France for me, it is brilliant, nice strong flavour so perfect for the pesto. It comes from Moulin de Saint Come.

So, all the ingredients in the machine (I used the small bowl this time) - only one thing for it, blend! It looks a little dry to start with, so I added some more olive oil.

This looks more like pesto now.

Whilst some pasta was boiling away, I sauted some courgettes.

Once the courgettes had browned a little, I added in the tomatoes just to cook through a little bit.

The pasta was then cooked, so everything got mixed up together - the pesto, vegetables and pasta. That's it, done!
Now I am off to have a bath and get an early night ready for work tomorrow.

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Psychgrad said...

I'm not sure how long pesto lasts in the fridge. Maybe 3 weeks. But don't quote me on that. Apparently, if you add a layer of oil on top of the pesto, it lasts longer.

Ryan said...

O cool thanks for the tip! I suppose the oil keeps the air out and stops those pesky germs breeding!