Sunday, 27 July 2008

Tzatziki fresh from the garden

We have had a few nice hot days this week, and as a result my garden is doing very well. I still don't have any ripe tomatos but some are nearly ready. My mint plant is going crazy and the cucumbers are coming along well too. These are two ingredients i can put to good use in a quick simple Tzatziki.

I picked one cucumber and a big bunch of mint, washed and chopped everything up very small. In went a pinch of salt and a large spoon of yogurt. Mix it all together and thats it ready.

You don't get food much fresher than that.

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Beth said...

Is it possible to kill mint? Im sure Ive killed mine, but according to my mother its virtually impossible too. Anyway, love tzatziki and fortunatley I got loads of herbs at Tavistock Farmers Market on Sat so will def be making this, especially if the weather holds up, its baking here today!

Ryan said...

It is possible, but very difficult. I have more trouble stopping it growing actually - it just keeps on spreading. I have to keep it in a pot, but planted in the ground, to stop it spreading too much.