Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Liver and Onions

I am really pleased about my rediscovery of liver and onions! We used to have this as children and hated it, something about the texture of liver. But I had calves liver recently in a French restaurant and loved it, so when I saw these lambs livers at 69p in Tesco I just had to buy them. I was checking out the reduced-to-clear bargains but in fact its only 89p a packet normally so a really cheap meat.

Its really quick to cook, and the trick is not to over cook livers - that is when the texture goes all tough and dry. I sliced them quite thinly, floured them, then quickly browned each side in a hot pan. Next, out with the livers and in with some sliced onions, fried them on a high heat until starting to brown, then back in with the livers, some gravy (I used instant), and a splash of white wine. The whole lot was then left to simmer for about 10 minutes, meanwhile I cooked some new potatoes and peas to go on the side. All done in under half an hour and on the table! The result was quite tender, and not too dry.

Even better, liver is good for you too - it is packed with lots of iron, fairly low in fat, and lots of protein too.

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