Monday, 23 June 2008

My birthday cake and a meal at Zizis

Last week was my birthday (19th June for anyone who wants to get me a present and card next year) and my lovely girlfriend baked me a cake. As you can see, it is quite a work of art. It was a marbled cake, made from chocolate and banana, in the picture below you can see the marbled effect. Then filled with jam, iced with lots of chocolate icing, some marshmallows, and those lovely shiny silver ball things that you can actually eat (although they are a bit tough on the teeth).

The cake was really light and tasty, and I was very lucky to have it baked for me, and have happy birthday sung as well. We just had the last slice today.

In the evening of my birthday, we went for a meal at Zizi's near by. I am in principle against chain restaurants, as it homogenises every town and there is nowadays very little variety, although I often find myself eating at them. I am not sure what sort of people want to have the same meal every place they go, but it is not me. Actually, I know my girlfriend does like it as she can get a goats cheese calzone all the time.

The food was actually quite good, traditional Italian style cooking. The service, on the other hand, was diabolical. It started off well, with about half a dozen different waiters trying to take our drinks order, and it went down hill from there. When we were actually ready to order, we could not get the attention of anyone for love nor money. We finally ordered, but then we waited ages for the starters to arrive. They were pretty good I must say, despite the wait.

Onto the mains, and this is where the real delays started. It must have taken over half an hour for them to eventually bring out the wrong meal for me, and it took some prompting from us to even get this. Never mind, we had some free drinks given to us anyway. I sent the main course back, I asked for chicken ravioli, not mushroom, so chicken is what I wanted to eat. They took my lady friends back as well, to keep warm. Lucky they did, as the promised "2 minutes" was another 30 minutes or more. Still, we got more wine in the interim, and the ravioli was pretty good when it actually arrived. And to keep us happy, we only got charged for the starters and the first drinks, so it worked out a very cheap night out.

I have no idea why the service was quite so bad, but it was terrible! It was fairly busy for a Thursday night, and there were 3 other birthday parties in, but that is no excuse!

Anyway, I am sure we will end up going back there again, as the food was tasty, but not for a while.

I am aware that this blog is not so much about recipes any more and more about food in general. In keeping with that, I have got some more foodie type posts coming up from a birthday weekend spent in London. To whet your appetite, I will be posting about the Taste Festival, sausage making, tapas, hotel breakfasts, and finally a dinner at the rather posh Kensington restaurant Launceston Place. Hopefully I will get those done this week, if I manage to find the time!

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Ruth Elkin said...

Happy birthday! Awesome cake! good on the gf.