Sunday, 11 May 2008

Tropical tuna salad

I read with interest this post from Ben at What's Cooking? and thought it sounded like a great idea. The idea I took away from this was not to make the exact same salad, but to try the mango and tuna combo he aspired towards. Of course, when I actually made this the weather was a lot warmer, and the dish was well suited to the summery conditions. I have only just got round to posting the recipe up, several weeks later - and now the traditional English summer (wet and grey) has returned!

It worked out quite well, and with the added advantage that tuna steaks were on special offer in Tesco - 10p for two which is an absolute bargain, cheaper even than tinned tuna and a lot nicer.

This was a making it up as you go along sort of a salad. I got a mango, some tomatoes , cucumber, and green beans. Chopped them all up into chunks, then grilled the tuna steaks, then flaked it up into chunks and mixed with the salad whilst still hot.

For the dressing I just made a simple vinaigrette from a tablespoon of olive oil and red wine vinegar, salt and pepper, and then mixed the whole lot together and poured over the salad.

The fruity mango worked quite well with the tuna, but I should have added in some potatoes or pasta to make it into a more filling meal.

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Ben said...

I am glad you tried a tropical salad for a lovely English summer (I actually prefer wet gray summer days hehe) And I agree that tuna needs potatoes or pasta to make it more filling. Next time I make this salad I will try to use a tuna fillet and use some mango. Yummy!