Tuesday, 22 April 2008

American Pancakes

I saw this recipe for American pancakes with flambeed cherries and chocolate sauce in Good Food magazine this month, as cooked by James Tanner on Ready Steady Cook (weekdays 4.30 pm on BBC 2).

I am stuck at home today waiting for a parcel to be delivered some time before 6pm, so I couldn't go out to buy the cherries or chocolate, but had the ingredients for the pancakes. So I gave them a go! You can see the results below! It worked out pretty well, and took about 20 minutes to make from scratch. I will be entering this one to the Monday Bookmark event.


  • 100 g self raising flour

  • 1 tsp baking powder

  • 2 eggs

  • 250 mL milk

  • Pinch salt

Beat the eggs, flour and baking powder together. Gradually add the milk, beating until the consistency resembles that of almost-whipped double cream. You may not need to use all the milk depending on the size of your eggs. Leave the batter to stand for 5 or 10 minutes.

Heat a large non stick frying pan and add a tiny amount of vegetable oil. To test if the pan is hot enough, drop a tiny amount of batter into it - this should make a nice sizzling sound.

Drop tablespoons of batter into the pan, keeping them separate. In my pan, I could fit three into the pan and needed to cook in two batches.

Fry for two minutes each side or until lightly golden brown, like below.

Serve dusted with icing sugar and then a topping of your choice - I used sliced banana and strawberry jam.

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Ben said...

Hmmm pancakes. I just had some mango pancakes this morning. They are my favorite "not-too-healthy" breakfast.

Ryan said...

Yea they are not too healthy! But mine are not overly fatty, I forgot to mention I used skimmed milk, and fry in only the smallest amount of oil.

Edamame said...

Your site has power to let you make the devil in my heart strong. The devil said to me. "Eat this thing which I was sweet, and seemed to be delicious" and, as a result, I gave a it discount on to the devil. I was dieting so....
(T_T) From Japan

Ruth Elkin said...

I love pancakes. They're great any time of day!

Thanks for entering them into BR, hope you'll join in again sometimes.

Ruth Elkin said...

I made these this morning, but I'm wondering if I used the wrong type of milk or something because the batter was very runny and I ended up with something between a frech crepe and an american pancake... An Atlantic Pancrepe? Anyways they were still delicious! Thanks for sharing them.

Ryan said...

Hi Ruth,
Hmm too runny hey? Well, making batter is not an exact science! It can depend on the size of the eggs used, and the flour too I think. The type of milk should not make too much difference. I would suggest you just add a bit of milk at a time, until it reaches the right consistency - quite thick, I would say about the same as thick yogurt. If it gets too runny, you could add in more flour to get it thicker, but this can result in lumpy batter, unless you are using an electric whisk.

Ruth Elkin said...

I had thought it could be one of those things too... will try them again sometime! Still they were great!