Sunday, 9 March 2008

My Herb Garden

I was in Homebase shopping for furniture at the weekend (not one of my favourite pass times I have to say), and saw they had a special offer on herbs. I got 2 large ones (sage and rosemary) for £5 and 4 small ones for £5 - these were thyme, oregano, chives, and mint. I got straight home

So I now have my own little herb garden set up with plenty of flavour to add to my meals. I am not going to make the mistake of picking too many of the herbs early on and killing them off, which is what I have done in previous years. For now, I am just going to let them settle in and grow for a month or two before I start using them.

Anyway, I have taken a few pictures of my herb garden just to show off!

Here is some thyme - this one had a bit of a lemony scent to it when the leaves are pressed.

The next one is some purple sage. We had this in the garden at our old rented house, and it grows really well - the blue flowers look nice, as well as being handy for flavouring pork dishes.

Again, we had rosemary at our old place, it was a lot bigger than this one, but given time this should fill out nicely. I think rosemary is evergreen so should be able to get this one all year round.

A nice bunch of oregano.

Here is some mint - I planted this one in ground in a pot, as mint can be a bit rampant and so will spread all over the garden if left to its own devices.

This last little chap is some chives!

I might post up some more pictures in a few months to show how much they have grown - or not grown as the case may be!

Any recipes involving these herbs would be much appreciated!

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