Monday, 24 March 2008

More Gardening - Tomato, Basil and Chilli

This weekend I have been busy doing some more gardening. I posted earlier about the hottest chillies known to man, the Dorset Naga. Well, I was very lucky to be given some of these by a colleague at work who bought some from

This is the selection that I have ended up with as a present from him:

Dorset Naga: described as having a really hot fruity flavour, and rated as around 900,000 SHU they are the hottest chillies ever discovered. I am not sure what to cook with these just yet, apparently you just wave them near your food to get the flavour into it.

Orange Habanero: Another blisteringly hot chilli, which are salmon orange when ripe. They have a fruity flavour.

Hungarian Hot Wax: Easy to grow according to the pack which is good. They are supposed to be good fried, stuffed or in salads and stews.

Super Chile: I have grown these before, and they are very spicy. There were hundreds of tiny hot chillies all over the plant, good in curries.

Joe's Long Cayenne: The picture on the front shows unsurprisingly a long thin chilli. Should be red when ripe, and perfect for things like Thai red curry.

Early Jalapeno: A fat, short looking chilli. Everyone should be familiar with these from Mexican food, and they come with Subway sandwiches too!

As well as the chillies, I also planted out some basil seeds and some Gardeners Delight tomatoes. I have put them all in seed trays in the airing cupboard, hopefully within a week some of them should have started to germinate.

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